Harry Says Jump

I arrived at the yard today to discover I’d be riding Harry. I haven’t ridden him since November. It was lovely to see him and once mounted, we had a warm up stroll around the school. We decided he needs a warm up stroll, almost like most horses have a stretch and long rein at the end of the lesson.

Even through the warm up stroll, Harry walked me over a jump. I laughed and it was decided, jumping and cantering would be on today’s agenda.

I was a little apprehensive as earlier in the week I’d suffered with a pull in my back. But once we’d both warmed up, Harry and I started doing sharp transitions. Halt to trot and back to halt again. Then we would would be jumping over the jump. My RI had taken it down as it was at 90CM. I am definitely not ready to jump that high just yet.

We were having lovely forward trots and he was taking me over the jump with definite effort and so my RI suggested we started to canter. Harry is starting to test me now and make me do more work. We started but I was struggling to get leg on enough to prepare and then canter. Also, when coming back from trot, I was lifting slightly from the saddle and so my RI said she didn’t want to see a millimetre of movement during my halts.

The halting and prepping for canter did get better. Harry had the energy but I was not getting into canter so my RI said not to overthink it and to prepare and go straight into canter. That worked better and off we went into a few strides of canter.

We had a few good ones then a great one! I even went around the corner which always scares me a little but felt so smoothly.

The last one did not go as well so we decided to call it a day. It was at the end of the lesson and I was happy as it took me to the end before I tired.

Long rein and a stretch for such a fabulous pony. I’m excited to start jumping and cantering more soon.

My RI commented the canter was great and once we got it, it looked fabulous. She also pointed out, even though I hadn’t ridden him for a while, i just got on and got on with it as though we’d been riding recently. That was such a lovely comment as I do feel he’s such a misunderstood pony. He just wants his riders to ask correctly and quietly.

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