So Still

Today was one of those crisp autumn days where spending time around horses is always enjoyable. I took my sister with me this morning and I was asked to hang some haynets. I’m not going to lie, I’d totally forgotten how to do it. But by the end of hanging a few, I had got back into the rhythm.

I brushed a hot Ethan, who had clearly been charging about the field and tacked him up.

Walking around the school, my Ri commented how still my hands had become. I had been practicing on our hack on Sunday and clearly that had paid off. As a result, Ethan was listening to me so much more and when I asked for trots or forward walks, I was getting them without any issue and he’d keep at the gait I’d asked.

A few walks around the school and I popped him into trot. Today would see me finiting the rising trot and lengthening my leg even further. Heels were so down today, I think my calves thought I’d lose them at some points.

It’s incredible how the smallest thing can effect so much more though. When my heels went down, my knees moved away from the saddle and my contact was on point. I commented to my RI how straighter I also felt. It was awesome!

My sits to change the diagonals was not perfect but they were definitely improved compared to previous weeks. There was even a portion where I was sitting trot quite well which was bizarre to me on a small bouncy pony.

After a few good trots where my position was to flick instead of rise so high and keep my heels all the way down, Ethan was flying around the school, we decided to do a couple of change of reins in trot. I have also been practicing switching the crop and had been fine in walk, maybe needed a touch faster so when we flew into trot and turned across the school at E, I prepared to switch my crop by turning my hands over, passing it as I passed X then Ethan flew off into a weird circle thing at 90 miles an hour in trot. I laughed but this kept happening. I rarely use the crop, as I’m guessing most riders do, but only use it when absolutely necessary, but if you’d seen Ethan, you’d think I beat him with the crop. Weirdly, this was repeated several times in trot, but managed to keep him straight. He also did not go crazy in walk which amused us.

Eventually, got him to trot across and not freak out as much but what an incredible lesson.

Trotting is getting perfected, as is walk. I’m super excited for my next lesson. I’ve also decided to do a lesson weekly throughout winter as hacking won’t be as pleasant and now I really enjoy my lessons and I don’t feel like it’s a constant me being rubbish at things, it’s much more enjoyable. I’m learning heaps and feel I am improving.

I won’t have a lesson next week as I’m taking my little nephew for a hack for half term treat. But the lesson will be back soon.

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