Have Been riding

I’ve lapsed in my blog posts for a while and I have no excuse for not blogging.

I have been riding, had some great lessons with a lot of learns. We’ve been working on position, quietness, transitions, diagonals, and probably many things I’ve forgotten about.

This may shock many of you but I have a new fave pony in the school. Ethan and I have somehow gelled and had fun in the school recently. My RI has commented how nice we look together an how everything seems effortless with him. It feels that way to. He goes nicely off my leg and although I have to ride him, it’s better for us both when I do.

Last lesson saw us doing trot transitions across the school. By this I mean we’d trot in rise on the track, then we’d turn at various points on the long sides and trot, me sitting, to the centre line and halt. This was a lot of fun and weirdly enough, after my previous lesson where i was bouncing like a sack of potatoes in sitting trot, this lesson I had more control. It was making changing diagonals easier.

I also learnt you have to ride with your crop in your inside hand, so the hand not near the walls. I was then baffled how you change your crop mid change of rein but I’ve been since practicing on my hacks out.

Going across the school was giving me a new learning curve not to follow the walls. As a blind rider, you use whatever you can to assist you environmentally and so I was loving the indoor school so I could hear the sounds bouncing off the walls to orientate myself. This has helped with keeping on the track and knowing where I am but when you’re doing a long change of rein or going across the school, you lose your walls so it was great practice.

I’m feeling every week I learn so much more. Another observation from my RI last week was my hands. She noticed everything is so still in trot but when I’m in walk, they are very mobile. So she had me work on that to and although difficult, I was trying to do the same out on my hack on Sunday. So still and so much less is needed.

Lots to work on but hopefully I’m getting somewhere with this riding thing. I’m loving doing it and enjoying the new journey with little Ethan. Never knew I’d love riding a little Irish cob pony. But I do.

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