My name is Marie… and I’m addicted to dressage

Last lesson was a shocker. Mostly because I never believed I’d enjoy dressage. But I’ve discovered… I do.

This lesson, I anticipated more dressage, however, I thought we’d perfect the test we did in the previous lesson. I was ready. But no, we did a different one. I was also riding Ethan to.

So We walked this test first because there was a lot of turns and circles. And when I mean a lot, I really mean a lot. And the majority of the test was in trot.

So we walked it all first as there was a lot to get through and with so many turns, it was crucial I knew where they were coming so I had time to turn at the right times.

Ethan is a lovely pony but he needs you to ride him. Shadow is a true gent and will happily stay on the track when you’re riding a test but Ethan, you have to make sure you’re guiding at every step. Quite a lot to think about but that was fine with me.

We start this test in working trot, track right then at A do 2 half 20 metre circles. I hadn’t done whole circles for ages until the previous lesson and I’ve never done half circles at all. But this test had both half 20 metre and half 10 metre circles. My mind was already blown. I’d like to add this is actually an intro test, not a prelim. It did feel like the latter.

Anyway, my half circles were interesting in walk. Weirdly enough I find it easier riding circles and things in trot. Not entirely sure why.

Then after we’d had about a million changes of rein, some meant to be rode on the long rein, which I didn’t do at all during this lesson as I had so much else to consider, we attempted it all in trot.

I trotted down the centre line, tracked right, headed to A, started my actually not terrible half 20 metre circle, crossed X and started my second, not great end to that circle, tracked around to B , did a change of reign to E, [very scary change of rein, I really thought I could hit the wall and came off the track. We changed this and my RI counted down from three when to turn at B which worked better.] then we did a 20 metre circle at A. This circle became a squircle. Then think there was a change of rein from K to M, walked at H and then half 10 metre circle at E, I think. I honestly can’t remember if I’ve rerode this test wrong in my head. Then halted at G. I did it another time and was pretty tired. All that trotting.

It was super fun and I really had to work to keep this lovely little pony on the track. My RI did think the prelim test was slightly less chaotic even though it had canter. But I loved it all the same.

Super excited for my next lesson. More of the same. I am sincerely addicted to dressage. And even nearly lost my foot through my stirrup but carried on. Absolute blast!

the feedback was great to. My RI commented on how good hands and legs were looking and said my rising trot was very good. So hopefully more dressage to come.

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