Surprise in a Lesson

I got to the yard this afternoon, earlier than my lesson because my nephew was riding on a little hack. I decided to chill with Shadow and give him a lovely brush.

Brushing horses is always fun! He was very chilled out and we had lots of cuddles.

I tacked him up and headed into the school.

I walked him round a few times and my riding instructor announced we were going to do a dressage test. i cried, “we’re what?” I’ve never done a full test in a lesson before. This test is the one used in our adult gymkhana. I was a little nervous. but was glad I wasn’t told about this beforehand.

The test included, the traditional halt, walks, trots, two circles, a change of rein on a long rein.

There were some off track moments, there was some great circles and some smaller circles. But by the last time I did the test, I had it pretty much perfect! I was halting on X to begin, G on the end halt. I was walking and trotting transitioning at all the right places. My circles, considering I’ve not done circles for a long time, pretty good. My change of reign was problematic.

When we did the change of rein, we had to have a long rein. I learnt today, this is to demonstrate the carriage of a horse, and also that you do not need to hold the reins to prevent your horse from tanking. My tricky experience was keeping Shadow on the diagonal from F to H without steering. But by the end, I was able to keep him on the change of rein by using my legs to keep him over.

My RI was pleased with the work we put in today and was glad i completed the test on our last attempt with the minor off tracks but I corrected the steps off as soon as I realised it. And I have even now memorised the test in my head after doing it four times.

I have to say, it felt like a real accomplishment to have completed, successfully a actual written dressage test. The circles were the ones I would not have believed I could have pulled off without doing them for so long but my twenty metre circles were more often than not perfect.

I had to really keep on Shadow today, he was having me on a few times but it was great to ride him today and actually do a test. I’m still beaming about this. I did a dressage rest. i! did! An! actual! Dressage!!! Test!!!!!!!!!

Cannot wait to do it again!

Thanks for reading,


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