Light Bulb Moments

When I started writing about my horse riding again this year, I had the idea I would not blog about the hacks. But sometimes, it’s the hacks that can truly count.

My last hack was two weeks ago and I went with the girls from the riding school and two of my really cool work peeps who also love riding. It was the lake ride and it was awesome. Great company, sunshine and horses.

But it’s today’s ride that was super awesome too. Mostly, the hacks are awesome! But sometimes, something happens that just sets off a light bulb moment. And it wasn’t about a technique, or realising something about the horse. It was about me. that despite not being able to see, I can do quite a lot where horses are concerned.

When I first began my riding journey over seven years ago, I didn’t ever believe I would do the things I do now. I never thought i’d tack up, learn to ride an arena, let alone hack out with people. But i have and I continue to learn and grow.

Today’s ride was simple, fun and fab as they often are. I popped on Mr Shadow’s bridle and lead him out. We started dow the lane, chatting, horses doing all we asked. We took a rode route, which normally have some anxiety around because of cars but today was actually pretty awesome!

The roads were not super quiet but we were fortunate to have mostly polite drivers. My hands were light, my leg aids on point, everything felt good!

It was the point we rode side by side in a canter and laughed that we were having a race that made me smile, more than I even realised at the time, but the fact the girls know I’m capable truly played home to me today. They may have to guide me around parked cars, or yell “duck” at a tree but actual riding, I’m not so bad at. And I’m excited about where it’s all heading.

that canter was superb. We didn’t win the “race” but we were forward and controlled and just laughed and had fun!

From a world that tells you you can’t do so many things… it feels good to be able to do things that others can’t understand, unless around you, how or why you do it. That bond, that incredible trust between horse and rider, can never truly be captured. . It’s a magical thing. I trust most horses with my life. And I’m so thankful for finding the riding school I’ve learnt all the amazing things I’ve learnt over the past seven years. The people truly make the experience worth it to.

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