Summer days

The air is scented as I rise from my bed, The sky a deep blue, And the clouds tinged with pink and gold A new day begins again.

The grass glitters with dew as I step into the garden, Birds chatter overhead, My heart sings alongside them all, and smell the flowers from their sleepy beds.

The yellows vibrant with the warms of orange, The crystal blue and the pretty pinks, The bees are busy with their honey making, And so I step inside to think.

As the perfumes from the trees and plants outdoor greet me, As the birds sing me a morning song, I know the sun is beginning to rise with urgency, And so the day must move along.

The cool of the morning allows work to progress, The bees busy, The birds flapping as the butterflies dance, And the insects a buzz, The flowers blooming and growing, The trees soaking up the sun, The worms wiggling in the dry soil, The earthy smell a fresh, and the animals bask in the cool air, Because they know what is coming next.

Midday sun rises so high, No shadows guard the ground, The sky is filled with sapphires, Not a cloud passes all around, And the children play in paddling pools, Creating their natural space, As the birds quietly hum along to the day, And the insects thrive on the new, Sun shining, birds humming, dogs panting by the pool, Trees swaying gently in the breeze, The cats bathing on the wall, and the scents become mixed and crowded But still pleasantly there, and all through the afternoon, The animals, plants and humans to, Relax and let the sun bathe them in its glory.

By evening the fragrance is strong, Sweet, earthy, magical, The fairies dance under the flowers, The work has been done, The sun is ready for its bed, But the true party has just begun.

As the stars alight, The fireflies join their shine, The moon grows bigger, The flowers allow their scent to be shared by everyone, All birds sing a goodnight song, As the bees and insects fly to bed, The breeze gently blows the heat away, And as I lay down my sleepy head, I know I’m ready to feel the nature all over again.

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