Get On It

I arrived this morning to find Shadow was in and had been brushed. gave him a pat and went to grab his tack.

One of the girls popped on his saddle but handed me his bridle. Here was the test… I’ve not put on any tack for nearly two years, if not more. But I remembered, and despite a munching horse, got him all buckled up with little issue.

I mounted, went into the school and started off all over the place.

I was drifting, every time I squeezed on to increase activity, I was getting a transition change. Clearly my leg is better positioned. Poor Shadow had no idea what I wanted from him. Our corners were messy, he wouldn’t come back to me from trot. I was all over the place.

So my rI stopped, shortened my stirrups, did a few feels down the reigns and check head position. I knew I was in for a tough lesson today.

She got me to walk and I announced I felt he was stiff. She assured me he was not but did I not think it was because I wasn’t shuffling around and I was actually still? I thought and agreed. I guess you change small things and the whole experience feels slightly different.

So we were working on corners and bends around the corners. She got me to trot down the long sides and stop and walk the corners and the short sides of the school. The transitions were still messy but the bends were getting better.

I really felt this horse was teaching me to today.

Change of reign and we fell apart here again. Instead of drifting to the inside, we then were going deep in corners.

We even did an accidental 10 metre circle and she laughed saying although it was a very beautiful circle she didn’t recall asking for one. Did manage to get him back on track though.

Gradually though, and with much tutoring, we were masters of the trot to walk, around corners and short sides, and trot again.

Even my transitions down were looking better as I wasn’t tipping forward and staying with my shoulders back.

It was a sweat dripping kind of lesson for me but my rI commented on how good my hands were, how still I was and how my leg looked better and how my rising trot was neater and controlled. She said I’d clearly been thinking about the things we’d done in my previous lessons. Considering this is only my third lesson in, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved already.

Nice long reign and huge pats for this special pony and off i hopped. Such a great lesson!

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