Happy Hacking Sunny Sundays

Today was one of those days where you just feel bleh! Work has been busy and physically and mentally, I’m ready for a holiday. I could have easily slept the day away. But it was nice outside, the sun was high in the sky and the horses were beckoning me.

I got to the yard to have a one hour hack and discovered I’d be on Harry. I love this pony the more I ride him! He’s a cute coloured cob and although you do often need a crop with him, he’s fun!

We mounted and headed down the lane. The rides are so varied around the farm it’s pretty cool! Today we were doing fields and woodland, no roads today.

The only draw back to summer rides has to be the flies. Poor Harry gets eaten alive but he was super good with them.

A lovely walk, with very little need for my leg. I consciously sat with my leg in the position we’d been working on in the last lesson and it felt great! Harry must have liked it to as he went straight from my leg for our first trot and immediately transitioned smoothly to canter when asked.

Down the hill, through gates, such super riding weather minus the meany flies.

I adore listening to the birds and the sound of the horses hooves. The scent from the trees and the whisper of the breeze. `Oh dear, I accidentally rhymed.

Lots of fun forward canters and feeling super comfortable and confident today. Even laughed my head off when my hat got stuck on a tree branch and had to extricate myself from it. The girls panicked at first but we all just laughed it off. Normally they are great at telling me to duck heehee.

Such a glorious hack out I had to share. We even saw some cows and no crop was needed for Harry today. Impressed to say the least.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend with your horses.

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