Sunny Shadow Time

Horses are the one thing besides my guide dog that give me implicit freedom. On the back of a horse, I am just another rider and the horses, although I believe know I cannot see, do not judge me for it. It’s the one place on earth I don’t feel I have to be something I’m not. i don’t have to fit into the boxes society demands of us. It’s on a level of interspirtiaul connectiong, that if you’ve never experienced is hard to convey.

I’ve ridden a few times since my last blog. Two Sundays stand out dramatically. One was with Harry and the other with my beautiful friend Shadow.

We’ll talk about Harry’s day first.

We did a predominant road route which allowed for a lot of trotting and some canter work. This horse, no matter what he tells you, can bomb happily with the best of them. This particular day was one of the best I’ve had with him for cantering. So forward and easy. Only had to use the crop once on the first trot. Every time after that, he was a breeze. I will post a pic of us taken on the hill we’d just cantered up here.

Needless to say, I was beaming when we returned to the yard.

Last Sunday, Shadow and I got our first full hour ride.

I had ridden him once since returning but it was a rainy day and only thirty minutes. Last Sunday was a completely different story. The girl I rode out with asked which way I wanted to go. The previous week, there had been a lot of road users and I had struggled a little bit. So I asked if there was an alternative. She said there was and wow, was it amazing!

Being back with Shadow was like coming home. The slightest touch of the rein, a brief tap of my leg, he just knew. Granted he is a very good horse and so kind and gentle, but just so beautiful to be out with him.

There were lots of fun things on this ride. Canters, trees flying in my face, the sun shining, beautiful views, and a gallop up the hill. I struggled a little in my forward seat but he brought it back to a canter and I fixed myself. He always keeps me safe!

I have definitely got the bug again and even contemplating heading back into the school to focus on things like dressage Me on harry in sunshineand jumping. watch out world. Marie’s back with the horses.

Me on harry in sunshine Panarama from shadow s back

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