Let’s Go Riding

For many of you, you’ll remember my “ride with no Eyes” Blog. I wrote about my journey horse riding but after doing it a while I didn’t blog as much. Well, I’m reviving it temporarily as I’ve not ridden in 18 months…until this week.

I had put on a lot of weight, I’d got weighed down by work and moving house etc just didn’t have the time. But it didn’t make me happy so I decided in the new year, I’d lose weight, with the main goal being to get back on horse back.

Thursday was my first ride and my colleague at work came along with me. We had a lovely time and I managed to get my bum back in the saddle.

thursday, I rode Harry. He is a lovely 14.3 cob who sometimes needs a little persuasion unless it’s heading back to the hay. But he’s fabulous and I’ve enjoyed many lovely rides on him over the years.

He was fidgetty with his head but kept him upright and pretty forward going on Thursday.

After our 30 minute ride I decided this was it, time to head back for good. So today I went up again and rode Harry with some lovely forward trotting. It was really rainy and couldn’t get him into a canter but on my second ride I was reunited with my lovely friend Shadow.

We had such a lovely ride together and it was fabulous to get back into a canter. Cannot wait for more rides and a return to the school.

This is it now! Determined! Back in the saddle for good!

Marie riding Harry Marie riding Shadow in the rain

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