Snotty Season

I work in retail. And working in retail means I’m subjected to colds, germs of every variety. And I had done so well. But this week, a cold finally hit. The cold that my body has not had in a long time so I cannot complain.

I completed my reiki II last weekend again and think part of the reason the cold hit is to get out all the crap and having a slight healing crisis but it’s OK. I’m dosing up. Have had to get some of the antibiotics as my ears and throat are infected but trying to convince my body it’s well and doing lots of self healing.

Had to take yesterday off work because my ears were so sore and felt abysmal.

Hoping I can sleep a bit better tonight and I’m able to head to work tomorrow. Luckily was off today anyway.

3 weeks until Christmas and I’m super excited!

Anyway, should go and do a few things but figured not blogged personally for a long time.

If I don’t blog before, have a merry yule and a happy christmas.


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