Cleaning tips: part 1

Yes, it has happened. I’ve become that woman who indulges in cleaning and discovers better ways to do things each time I do them.

I know there are cleaning blogs all over the net, and I’m not trying to compete only share my learnt knowledge.

Drying clothes in the dryer, a necessary evil. Before anyone cries out, dryer, they’re expensive, I know. but sometimes, needs must and all that jazz.

I bought a new dryer when I moved into my house a few months ago, but weirdly each time I’ve used it, my clothes come out smelling very odd, no matter how many dryer sheets I put in the machine. I was getting annoyed so decided to think outside the box and google other methods and see if my drying woes were wide spread or if it was just me. Turns out, it’s a common thing.

Solution: take a dry, and ensure it’s dry, flannel and drop as much essential oil, ensure it’s pure, onto the flannel and load this into the load of drying. Refresh the flannel a few times and hey presto, you have delightfully smelling laundry without the huge price of dryer sheets that don’t always work.


I tend to use eucalyptus as it’s a fresh smelling scent along with orange blossom or something citrus as it’ll give it that fresh smell. But your choice of course.

Happy drying

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