Home Sweet Home, a Sweet Experience? 

It’s been a while since I did an #accessallareas blog but  today Bertie, myself and a friend ventured somewhere Bertie had not been before. Neither had I in actual fact so was not sure what to expect. For those who may not have read my previous blog on the subject, my plan is to visit a new place with my guide dog and blog about the experience in accordance with Guide Dogs access all areas campaign. Today it was the turn of Home Sweet Home , an American restaurant situated in the Northern quarter in Manchester.  Upon entering, the waitress pointed us to a table but then suggested another table that had lots of room for Bertie. We gratefully accepted and we were immediately offered water for him which we gratefully accepted.  Upon the whole time we were in the restaurant, not one member of staff distracted Bertie or tried to pet him. All staff seemed very aware of how to behave around a guide dog. This was extremely refreshing and I would say this was a very sweet experience from my point of view as a guide dog owner. The food was awesome to so try it if you like brekfast and cake. 

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