Lets Plant 

When I did my Ostara ritual a few weeks ago, the wonderful people at Pagan Dreams sent me in my ritual celebration kit 3 Sweet Pea seeds. I planted them and have been watching their progress ever since. Here they are below.    They’re growing beautifully now  I tried to grow herbs last year but failed quite miracularly. Well, some did better than others but never harvested them. So the plan is, to plant some herbs and hopefully will do that today and see what progress I can make. I have parsley, Rosemary, lavender, chives and basil. I do want to get some mint to.  Wish me luck! I already have a rose plant good friends bought me for my birthday last year and I hope to add to the collection. Never anticipated being so into growing plants but apparently it’s something I do.  Happy planting if you are doing any this spring. Marie ! 

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