All About Bertie #GuideDogTag

Our  guide dog’s are such an integral part of our lives, so much so, that fashion Blogger  and  Vlogger  Emily Davison set a challenge to fellow guide dog owners to answer a set of questions about their guides. And she tagged it #GuideDogTag   Below is the video I did coupled with the questions Emily  set. I did them slightly out of order but think I got them all.

What is your guide dog’s name? What is your guide dog’s breed? How old is your guide dog? Where was your guide dog trained? When did you qualify with your guide dog? Is he or she your first guide dog? Summarise your guide dog’s personality in 5 words. What is the best thing about your guide dog? What is the funniest thing your guide dog has ever done? Has your guide dog ever got you into any embarrassing situations? What is your guide dog like on harness?  What are some of your guide dog’s quirks? Where does your guide dog seem to work the best? What is your guide dog’s favourite thing to do off harness? Has your guide dog ever done anything that goes beyond the call of Duty?

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