Guess Who?

I know. I know. Been a while and all that. I’ve been a crazy busy Bertie. We’ve been working and having fun and working and fun an working and fun… you get the picture.

needless to say it’s been a while.

Two very important anniversaries have passed though since I last dlogged for myself, and that’s my moving in with mum and becoming a fully fledged working qualified guide dog with her 2 years ago. We’ve also seen the first anniversary of Lord Bailey’s departure for Rainbow bridge and the anniversary of him moving in with mum. Tomorrow would be his qualification day, sixteenth of march and mum has been a guide dog owner for 10 years now.

We all miss Bailey every day. Many fun stories are often talked about and I know mum and grandma miss him greatly. I only knew him for a short time but he was my big bro and I am glad I met him.

Mum still hasn’t bought me anything marking our anniversary, how I didn’t go on strike I will never know! Probably because I loves her so much!

We also had snow and not only did I guide mum home through it, up to my shoulders, [heeheee], I exaggerate a littles, she then allowed me to play in the garden in the white stuff as a reward. It was much fun!

My food arrived today and I’m so glad, get worried when the humans bend so far into my bin that they loose their arms temporarily because that means the food is getting very low! But more has come so huzzah I can eat for a while longer still.

Speaking of eating.. I have lost weight!!! Yep, I know, I know, you don’t hear that much from a labrador but I have since changing to new food so I’m getting some extra biscuits to get back up a few pounds. Mum says I look great and my vet lady agrees so no one is worrying except me. I’ll always go for an extra biscuit or two if they’re on the menu. Bring them on!

Seen a few other guide dogs recently in work and yesterday whilst out in the sunshine with mum and some of my human friends, I was lying by mum’s feet crying at a few dogs and pigeons. Mum is so mean she won’t let me go say hey! But I just lie and cry pitifully in case anyone else’s human takes pity on me and let’s me say hello. Probably not as my mummy’s so scary even to other humans.

Anyway, paws are getting tired now. Hope everyone has a good woofday.

woofs and wags Bertie Labborghini pops

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