Are We Welcome: Sugar Junction

Guide Dogs Uk are currently running a campaign called #AccessAllAreas which you can follow on twitter or find on their Website to see what they are currently doing.

We constantly are talking about our negative experiences so I decided that I would blog about the great experiences for seven trips to places I’m not a regular visitor.

Guide dogs are highly trained and are permitted legally into places dogs generally are not allowed. This in part is due to the high level of training they receive and obviously because their owners rely on them to get to these places. On that notion alone, you would think, in 2016, refusals of guide dog partnerships would be at a minimum. But with 49 percent of partnerships experiencing a refusal in the past year, it is evident that this is truly still an issue.

Both my dogs have been super well behaved and I have always been proud to take them anywhere. And so here is challenge one.

Sugar Junction is a tea shop in the popular social heart of the Northern Quarter in Manchester. a few weeks ago, I met a colleague from work and we ventured for some tea and a catch up with Bertie, my guide dog in tow.

Upon entering, the waitress asked which table would be best for us to sit at with the dog. I always find this very helpful as it means we are often out of the way of traffic and I can relax with the dog at my side. The tables in this place could have fit a small dog like mine underneath but if I’d had Bailey, my previous guide with me he would never have got under that table.

Water was offered for Bertie which I declined as he’d not long since had a drink. The staff commented on how lovely he was but there was never any question on his presence.

The only thing I ever expect from anyone, is that they don’t question the dog’s presence. I rarely ask for extra accommodations like specific tables or water, etc, but on this occasion both were offered.

I would give Sugar junction a big fat A for Access. And their Tea and cake is good to so feel free to visit if you’re in Manchester.

If anyone has any ideas of places to visit, restaurants, coffee/tea shops, theatres, etc, please leave a comment within the Manchester city zone.


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