Can you sense Christmas

Open your eyes on Christmas morning, And what should you see, But a bright sky outside your window, And presents under the tree.

Echoes of jingle bells resound in the dark, And what is that smell coming from the hearth? A fragrance so sweet and magical, Has he just bounded up the chimney to depart?

Fling your legs out of bed and run shouting, “He’s been! He’s been!” But what do you hear? A low chuckle and a whistle from above, Run to the window and up off they go, Reindeer so magnificent and the sky all aglow, The gentle little man sitting so proud on his slay, he waves you goodbye and wishes you a good day!

Your hand waves goodbye before you dash to the tree, Under it is piles of presents you touch with such glee, Your mum quietly whispers, “It’s not time to wake” But she comes in smiling and hands you a Christmas cake.

Your heart starts dancing as you know you’ve been so good, And the cake mummy made you tastes yum in your tum, You begin the ripping paper with ultimate joy, Because you my little one were a very good girl or boy.

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