I love You World

I could come here and start talking about all the horrific things that are going on both nationally and internationally. But what would that achieve? We know there is crap in this world, there always has been, granted, I do think it’s worse nowadays or just more global, but why weigh on those issues? Writing about how awful the British government is to those less fortunate, or how people hide behind a religion to ruin people’s lives as well as ending them would not change these things.

A few months ago, I sat back and wondered, why do I campaign for change? does it make a difference? The answer? Sometimes it does. And sometimes it doesn’t. Life isn’t straight forward. it isn’t about winning, or forever changing, sometimes it really is just about loving each other.

What makes the differences is not always what happens to us but what we do in reaction to those experiences, good or bad. Parisians showed their human nature to the best degree by taking in people caught up in the atrocities on Friday. I read a story by a police force where two police officers attended a 999 call by two elderly citizens who were lonely and they simply made a cup of tea and chatted. Those are the things we should focus on.

Every time someone offers me help, I don’t see it as a patronisation and an insult, I smile, thank the person and know they cared for that moment in their life. If we constantly push others away and continue to insist on this individuality in society, these acts of goodness will disappear. A man holding a door open for a lady is not an insult to your independence ladies, it’s an act of kindness. And on those mornings when no one will stand for a little old lady I’m ashamed of the society in which we live. But on the days I see that act of kindness, a young person picking up my cane for me because they think I’ve dropped it when I’m in work, or asking if I’m OK because they think I might be lost, I’m grateful people still care.

If these awful things continue to happen, and sadly I think they will, we are going to need each other. Giving that little bit of love and showing compassion for each other may just be the difference between life or death one day. Lets not let the compassion for each other disappear because we think we are all so independent and capable. we may be, but you rid yourself of human compassion and you may as well be wearing a suicide vest or holding a gun or even sitting making decisions without a thought of consequence. True, these are all different levels of lack of compassion but they still result in similar actions, lives changed and ruined.

So today, I love you world. For all the good things you do. For the man who stands for a lady to sit, for the person who tells me as a blind person the tram is on its way, [even if I can hear it], and to the young person who asks a little old lady or gent if they are OK. Teach your children to love, the world needs as much as it can get.

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