Lots To Tell You oh boy oh boy

hello friends, Yep, it’s me. Someone’s been keeping me busy recently so apologies for my absence. Ooooh, that’s a big word, clearly I’m growing up. heehee. just a little maybe.

We’ve worked lots recently and mum’s been very busy fundraising. We’ve also been at work and been to parties and all fun things to do! I’ve been super clever as always. Mum’s always saying how proud she is of me. And I was in the newspaper…again. I’m tots cute! People just loves me so much. And Bailey even was on the railings on a poster near Asda.

Mum says there’s lots of things to do soon to. for the holiday season. So I’m excited.

Oh and a guide dog barked at me whilst I was lying on my blanket in work the other day. I just turned my head away in disgust. how dare it bark at me when it’s my domain not its. HMPH!

Anyway, better go, mum wants her mac back. I swear I need my own.

Woffs and wags,

Bertie Pops

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