Samhain, New year, reflections and new beginnings

If you didn’t know…now you do… I’m Pagan or specifically if you will, Wiccan. There are a variety of terms, both accurate and not so much you could categorise me as. Simply, I am still just me. but I believe in the power of nature and I recognise the power within me and respect both nature’s power and my own.

You may believe I’m a self believing idiot and also many other things but if you choose to continue reading, you may discover I’m just a young woman living a life I choose and nothing malice or evil resides inside of me or around me.

The term “witch” has so many negative connotations . It’s either deemed with ultimate supernatural abilities like the teenage Sabrina or are shrouded with evil deeds like the witches of fairies tales. But in truth, a witch generally means someone who uses the natural powers of herbs, and self belief, amongst other things to bend their good intentions to make something true. For example, a sleep pillow to ward off nightmares for children or a protective charm to ward off negative energies around a home are things we would do.

Yes, we give thanks to a Goddess and or a God. I personally believe in elementals and other such things. If that makes me crazy, then maybe I am. I do wear a pentacle around my neck and use crystals to assist me in health, protection and other such things. i do spells but I don’t worship the devil nor do I do Satanic sacrifices.

There is a fundamental element of my belief system that states “do harm to none” which literally means, do not harm anyone or anything. Some may consider me a “white witch” but white isn’t a “pure” colour as the western world deems it and black in turn is not evil. Black is often associated with the absorption of all the colours and is seen as reflective, like the new moon.

Darkness and light are balances and therefore darkness is not bad and light not good, they work together and we need both to exist to develop and see the world in equal terms.

You may ask why I’m writing all of this. Simply, it’s our new year as Pagans. The “halloween” celebrated popularly in western society is founded on a pagan holiday called Samhain that was traditionally our new year. It was also the night the veil between the metaphysical and physical world is at its thinnest and therefore communication between the physical and those gone from this world can communicate better. So for us, it’s the time of letting go and looking forward to the new year.

I wanted to dispel a few misconceptions to celebrate my first full year as a practicing Pagan. I started on this journey probably years ago without realising it but since I’ve been practicing, my balance of life has been much more even. I feel happier and more positive as a person something I never expected to be. But here I am and as part of my celebration, wanted to share some of my experience with my blog readers.

You may not believe in what I do, and that is fine, but it’s something I’m passionate about. Not to say I walk around telling everyone about this because I’m still learning and there is sadly still so much discrimination around nonconventional belief systems and it is very personal to me. But in order to celebrate, I did want to write down some of my joys this year.

I did my first group ritual with some dear friends at Midsummer. That was so uplifting outdoors at sunset. I’ve observed almost every Pagan holiday and even celebrated a super moon this year. I started my own book of shadows and mirrors and have collected a fair few tools for rituals and am building my knowledge through reading books on herbs and practices.

Believing in nature and in yourself is not deriving from evil. It just is and for those who do it, it makes them happy and we do not harm anyone else by being this way. I personally never try to convince anyone to find this path because I know, it’s a path only the individual can find for themselves. So thank you for taking the time to read if you have and I hope you can still see me as the person I am.

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