I Am Me

I am unique, I am loud, I’m stubborn and wilful, And very proud. I’m crazy and loyal, Stupid and dumb, But I’d like to think sometimes, I’m a little bit fun! I’m outspoken and passionate, And determined as hell, I cry when I’m angry, And don’t always express myself well. I’m self conscious and insecure And without vision to boot, Fearful of depending on others, Sometimes I remain mute. My beliefs are my own and I travel my own path, I’m dedicated to my work but can always have a laugh, Animals are my friends when humans have left me behind, I know I’m alone in the world but that is just fine. I like taking photos despite not being able to see, I sing very often and try not to care what others think of me, But sometimes it hurts when i’m behind the glass, Because society has made me feel like I’m second class. Despite what people threw at me, And what some continue to do, I fight to survive, And if I need, I will fight you. I’m a survivor, This is true indeed, I have the fire of my soul, The air that I breathe, And a cute dog and plenty of strong steeds. Loneliness is hard, No one can tell me it’s not, But i’m stronger than you think, I’ve taken on a lot, I said goodbye to vision, I’ve travelled across the world, And my heart has strengthened yet not yet hardened, To all that it has endured. I may not fit in, I may stand out, But I’m a beacon of strength, And I know that without All that has happened, And all that will be, Despite all of my flaws, I am…I am just me.

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