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Me in outfitTo those who have been following my blog for a while, you know who I am but to anyone new, let me give you a quick break down.

My name’s Marie, I’ve blogged around aspects of my life with a visual impairment for a number of years now. I am a guide dog owner, live in the UK, have lived in California for a year when I was 19. I love music, animals, especially my dog and the horses I ride. I write creatively whether that’s stories, poetry or song lyrics. I love to sing, go shopping, have fun with friends and I am also Neo-pagan.

The subject of today’s blog has very little to do with any of those aspects of me though. I’ve recently got back into fashion and make-up. I used to wear make-up in my early twenties but when I came back from the US and my make-up collection ran out, and my life went from being crazy to doing very little, I stopped caring so much about how I looked.

This has changed since I started the job I do now and am out with friends a lot more. I wanted to get back into clothes for fashion and not just practical reasons and start wearing make-up again.

Thanks to the encouragement from other young VI ladies who re-inspired me with their blogs and youtube videos, [which I will link to at the end], I went on a shopping trip with a friend and came out with a good haul of clothes and did my make up test for the first time in years.

Clothes are always chosen with colour and texture mainly in mind for me. Being comfortable is another crucial part of my choices. When I’m in work, part of my outfit is mandatory but the bottom half of my outfit is down to my choosing. But I tend to be quite samey when in work. But wanted to still look nice so have started putting on a bit of make-up. Nothing too dramatic as with no sight, I find it slightly intimidating to use things like bronzers. However, on the same page, I want a very natural look personally.

There’s definitely a fine balance between what you want and what looks or works well for you. Getting sighted help is sometimes necessary, even if its just an opinion or a clue on if a technique isn’t quite working well. This has never bothered me and I am lucky I have people around me who are brutally honest and whom I trust.

For me, heels are practically impossible as I had an accident years ago and it actually pains me to walk in heels. But there are lots of cute ballet shoes out there or comfortable type shoes that can work. I also work with a guide dog, and have discovered in the past, I am much unsteadier on my feet if I try the heels and always catch the cracks in the pavements.

My main point of this blog is just to let people know, you can be fashionably cute or look good without dressing up to the nines every day and sometimes, a day in sweats is OK to. Still be who you want to be but no reason, if you want to look good that you can’t! I’m in my early 30s and loving the fact I’m exploring fashion and beauty again!

I’m never going to profess to be a fashionester but I will share my tips and tricks along the way with anyone who wants to take an interest.

Links to follow

These are pages to two young ladies who know a lot about fashion and beauty and definitely are worth a follow.

Fashioneysta Fashioneysta youtube Molly Birk youtube

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