A reflection, an analysis of me

About a year ago, I did an audio boom recording detailing how I felt about my self. It was interesting to do and quite difficult to talk about but I think it further helped me on this journey of evolution I’ve been involved with for the past year.

Talking about negative aspects was easier than I expected, but considering my positive/strong points was much harder than you’d think.

Whenever we go for job interviews, or specifically when I go for job interviews, i could easily give the interviewer three hundred reasons why not to employ me but maybe only a handful of why to do so.

Recently, i’ve been contemplating a lot about my life and where I’m at now.

I still struggle to be positive about myself. i do a much better job than I ever did so feel this is only a strength that will continue to grow. I have a better positive view of other people on the whole and feel able to trust people a bit more. Alongside that, I’m not as involved and don’t give over myself as easily to others before they’ve learnt it.

I look back a few years and realise what a terrible place I was in. Negative, angry and extremely unhappy. Now, I’m very happy, mostly positive, with the odd day that brings me down, usually around the crimson tide days, and I feel valued by people and like I’m cared about by others outside of my family.

This time last year, I really believed I would never work, was fixed on the idea I’d be volunteering forever and would be still at my parents house in the next 10 years. besides the latter one being true at present, the other two have changed dramatically.

I’m working my dream job, loving it and the people I work with. I feel blessed every single day I walk to the tram, then walk through the busy city centre like many others like me going to do a day’s work. I do volunteer, around my job and I have a fabulous dog by my side. I have a huge group of people I not only consider friends but family now.

Spiritually, I’ve developed majorly too. I’ve learnt loads and feel my path is the right one for me now and feel blessed to be surrounded by my spiritually minded family too.

I can honestly say, I love myself! That has taken me a very long time to do with conviction but I believe in me and that’s partly down to the amazing people in my life but also down the to the confidence working gives me and the beliefs I hold dear around my spiritual well being. The Goddess guides me every day and I trust in my inner self, in her reflection. Life is positive because I am. And that’s a gift I will always truly treasure.

Bright Blessings, Marie

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  1. Like I think I’ve said before, if you were my little sister, I’d be well proud of ya. Keep on at it, Marie. You’re one of the good’uns.

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