Thank You Bailey RIP


It seems only like yesterday, You bounced into my heart, And with each passing year, I knew it’d be hard to part With you, Because you, Changed me.

It feels only moments ago, We began our journey together, Only seconds since We went out in all weathers, But you grew old and started to weaken, But I have one last thing to say, To you, because it was you, Who changed me, In every single way.

Thank you bailey, The most loyal friend, With your harness on and the zest for work, We started to conquer the world, Thank you Bailey, For without you by my side, My life would have been dull and small, You helped me to discover the person inside, And the world beyond my room, You helped me to see life is for living, And I truly learned from you.

Guide dogs are smart, No one can argue that, And you were so clever When in your working hat, You gave me the confidence, that no one else could do, You taught me to finally trust and I put all my trust in you.

Your gentle ways and your confident stride, Showed me the way to go and live life, Always keeping me safe and opening the doors to explore places new, Keeping calm whatever trouble or strife we got into. And I need to thank you, Because it was you, Who changed me and what I do.

Before You I was sad, lonely and trapped, You broke the chains that held me fast, You taught me to trust and love after all I had endured, And I have to just thank you Bailey for everything, You were the truest lord, A big bonny lad, You were crazy at times, But everyone who met you, Fell in love and you thought that was just fine, You were the silliest and funnest dog, And I won’t lie to you, This always will be hard, Not having you.

saying goodbye was a testament to my love, Because you were suffering and I knew you couldn’t go on, But for each day you kept me safe my Bear, I want to thank you for always being there! The cuddles and the free runs, Will never be forgot, The new adventures, good behaviour Will be remembered a lot, And with a sad farewell, We wish you on your way, Across that Rainbow bridge, Where you can forever run and play! Goodnight dear friend, And with all my heart I know, we had the best times we ever could, Memories never need to go, For my first guide, You were the ultimate best, I love you and will forever miss you, You deserve a good old rest!

So thank you Bailey bear, It was truly an honour to be, Your human mum Partner in crime, And all our adventures together, will be fondly remembered with pride, Sleep well sweet friend, Enjoy the adventures to come, Take care and miss you bailey Bear, Lots of Love, Mum!

RIP Lord Master Bailey, AKA Bailey Guide Dog 24Th July 2004, qualified 16TH March 2006, Retired 22ND August 2013 Went to Rainbow bridge 8tH January 2015

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