January is Over! Already?

It doesn’t seem a whole month since we began the new year. And yet, here I am, writing this blog on the 1ST of February.

When you’re a child, you believe time is infinite, but as I discovered earlier this month…with the departure of my dear four legged friend…time is of the essence.

With it being Imbolc today, the celebration of the sun growing stronger and the promise of spring, I am so thankful to everything in my life. Friends, family, work, and all the blessings I have.

have been in work for five days straight this week and also managed to throw in a night out with friends and a meditation session with some of my wonderful spiritual family. I continue to learn so much about me and am grateful for all of the opportunities I have before me.

I plan to raise £5000 to name a puppy in Bailey’s memory and the wheels for that logistically are falling into place!

Bertie is being a little superstar and has worked through some quite treacherous conditions this week. We have had snow, ice and high winds and that little labborghini has slowed right down and kept me upright and safe.

Suffering with a filthy cold but I’ll plough on, dose myself up ready for another fabulous week at work!

Hope everyone is well and many blessings to my Pagan brothers and sisters for this Imbolc. Hope all the seeds you’re planting spiritually and physically will grow strong and fruitful!

Light and love,


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