I’m Pawsome

soooooo doggy and human friends. I’m allowed back on the mac. Mummy thought because so much has happened, I should update my followers.

For Christmas, mum and I went to another place and stayed there for a few days. we had lots of fun and I was a super Bertie. Of course!

we came home, went to work and besides the odd day off, have been at work lots. except last week and I gots very bored.

I has some sad news to friends. My big bro Bailey had to go to the stars to play with all the other dogs and animals who didn’t want to be in pain. He was a poorly boy but me and mum stayed with him for his last night. Mummy took him and hugged him until he went to sleep. I misses him when I’m at home but he gave me his toys before he went. Thank you Bailey for showing me how to be a good and fun dog at home. And welcoming me to the family.

Mum says its been a year since I moved in with her. I didn’t think it had been that long. Wowser!

Mum and me have been in work lots this week. And I had to learn to guide mum in the cold white stuff the humans call snow! it’s cold on my ickle paws but mum says I’ve done a pawsome job!

Last night we went out with my auntie and uncle who are mum’s best friends and I was such a sleepy Bertie after working all day but I was so goood!

Also been to mum’s meditation class again at the nice place I get a snuggly blanket to sleep on. I loves it there and always gets cuddles.

Mum’s doing some fundraising so she can name another guide dog puppy, like I was once, in my bro Bailey’s memory! So keep tuned and I will tell you more.

That’s all for now, paws are getting tired.


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