Thank You Bailey

To the most precious Bailey Bear,

It seems strange to be writing this, when it feels only yesterday I met you. You bounced into our house and pounced on mum and I instantly fell in love with you. You were a beautiful big boy, with the best wagging tail and the softest velvet ears I’d ever seen. You and I just connected and I knew after that first walk with you, I wanted you.

When we trained, you were faithful and started to look after me even then. Barking when I got ill with my asthma to alert someone to come. I never thought until you, I could fall in love with an animal but I did. You took root in my heart that first instant you bounced into our home and I still remember the first day I put your harness on for our first day of training.

The sun was shining and you were so eager to get going. And from that first day I trusted you.

You taught me how to be a guide dog owner. You showed me how to trust a dog to guide me. You helped me understand compassion for an animal that couldn’t tell me his wants, needs or fears.

We had tears, but we had more laughter. From throwing your bone on my bed or resting your head on my quilt until I’d get up, wagging that foxy tail so hard and always seeming happy to see me.

Small steps going to the shops alone to our first trip to London by ourselves. because of you bailey, I grew to be independent. I grew into the woman I am because I had you by my side.

We went on so many adventures together. We were on TV, we went to Eastlands, we travelled everywhere because I trusted you.

The love that I have for you and will always have, is born of the amazing dog you were. You were smart, you were good, and you had more personality than I ever thought possible.

We brought you home today, in your little box and I know you’re at peace but this all doesn’t seem quite real. As much as I knew the day would come when you’d say your last goodbye to me, I never dreamed that day would ever be real. How could life be, without you in it?

I think dogs have such short lives because they are so innocent and possess such beautiful souls. I know you’re running free now and wagging your tail again.

I have the greatest memories I could possess because of you Bear. You made me laugh, you let me love you and you changed my life forever.

Guide dogs say that you pups are life changing partners, and I know that to be so true. Without you in my life bailey, I’d be so lost and sad. You didn’t only guide me around the streets and paths of cities and towns, you guided me through life and for that I am so grateful!

A light went out in my world last Thursday but that light will always shine on inside my heart. I guess no words can ever truly describe the gratitude I feel for you because how can you thank a dog as special as you?

I changed for the better because of you, Bailey. I ventured on physical and spiritual roads with you at my side and your spirit will live on it the side of me forever and I will never forget all the amazing things we did together.

From the bottom of my heart and until the end of time, thank you Bailey guide dog for saving me. I’m forever in your debt and will love you for eternity. Your memory will live on and you will never be forgotten for the amazing golden retriever cross you were.

My biggest comfort is that I spent your last night on earth with you and hugged you when you had to go. I hope that was what you wanted my precious boy. Falling asleep on my lap and being with you when you took your last journey was the best thing I could take from the saddest day of my life. I always promised I would never let you walk that road alone so I’m thankful I was able to be with you.

the house is quiet without your barks and groans and my arms ache to hug you again. Everyone misses you already and will probably never stop missing that regal face. The memories will stay even though you had to go.

So thank you gentle Bailey and All my love Bear,


Rest in Peace with the angels flying above you and your four legged friends bounding at your side Bailey! 24 July 2004–8 January 2015 RIP

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