Run Free My Special Boy

Nine years ago I met a very crazy, bouncy fabulous crossed lab golden retriever who went on to become my first guide dog. we had seven and a half amazing years working together and he went on to retire with us. sadly, yesterday, eighth January 2015, we had to say goodnight to Bailey.

He had declined rapidly from Sunday onward and after scans a mass was found. I made the hard decision, with the support of guide dogs to say goodbye when the time was right.

Bailey had the company of me all Wednesday night and Thursday morning so at least he was not alone on his last night with me.

I don’t feel quite capable of writing a detailed post of my emotions right now. I am obviously sad and grieving but I know the decision was the right one for my boy. He was not eating and struggling to breathe. I was with him until the end and the only grace is that it was a quick decline and I was able to be with him until the moment he left me.

I will write a post dedicated to the most fabulous bailey bear when I feel more able but just wanted to say thank you to everyone’s support, guide dogs incredible support and most of all to my Lord Bailey! I love you and will forever miss you brave boy.

You run free and rest in peace beautiful big lad!

RIP Bailey bear!

love Mummy xxxxxx

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  1. hello Marie

    I know how you feel. I had to do the same thing nearly 2 years ago with my last guide dog who had cancer as well. The cancer couldn’t be cured so when the time came we got the vet in and had him put to sleep. So I know how you feel at this moment. I will be thinking of you at this moment.


    Tracey Gorman

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