2014, wow!

So 2014 was definitely the year for me so far.

It started off with booking a holiday, that I just had this past week so in a strange way, it started with the end and all that was in between was pretty rocking!

I got matched to my second Guide Dog Bertie on the first week of January, went through training, and thankfully passed. I took part in campaigns and even was on a committee to organise the campaigners convention for RNIB. I met some amazing people and made some new friends.

A trip to Edinburgh on my birthday, an application for my dream job that transpired to an actual job where I’ve met incredible people and hopefully some long lasting friendships.

Christmas was spent away from home and I had the best time with so much laughter and happiness.

The past 3 days of the year have been spent in work with the peeps and I can honestly say everything that has happened has been incredible.

If all this wasn’t enough, I started on a spiritual journey that is meaning I’m finding myself and learning how to be a better me. I have new friends in those spiritual circles and have learnt so much from my spiritual teachers.

I feel so blessed! I have a family who loves me, friends who care, a job I love and a superb little guide dog. I regret nothing from this year and just hope I can continue 2014’s successes into 2015 and beyond.

My hopes for the new year are to continue to do well in my job, maybe move out if at all possible, and who knows what else but hoping much more socialising and fun is on the agenda. I plan to work hard and play a fair bit to.

Come on 2015, we can be awesome together!

Hope everyone has the most amazing year!

Hugs Marie

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