Ten Things That mean Christmas is on its way

Every year the Western world is taken over by the commercialised venture that is Christmas. The holiday is about presents and over eating and such if you’re not a religious type. Agree or disagree, but I think the majority of us subscribe to some version of the commercialised event.

Here are my ten ways I know its Christmas! 1. Music on repeat…Regular music has been replaced by the same old songs we hear year in and year out, perhaps re-recorded by newer people but still the regurgitated cheesy pop. 2. It is crazy busy everywhere! Tram, toilets, shops, cafes, you name it, it’s busier. Where these extra people come from, I will never know! 3. “Holidays are Coming”!The coca cola truck appears on our screen with the same old fabulous advert telling us that “holidays are coming” 4. Just like magic…The Christmas Markets appear. Like them or loathe them, especially in cities, huge market stalls appear and people gravitate to them like bees to honey. 5. Money? What money? My bank account starts to look more depleted than usual and I start to have recurring nightmares about not getting things done on time. 6. The ever expanding waistband…The amount of food you can eat suddenly increases! To enjoy the sheer amount of goodies on offer all over this festive season, you seem to find extra space in your tummy, and miraculously it then appears on your waistline in time for the new year. 7. Crazy Kid Culture! Children are even more hyperactive than usual! Anyone who knows me knows I’m not the biggest fan of the pint sized people. In small quantities, excellently behaved I can deal, but when screeching and misbehaving, I just want to run away. So whether its the excitement of christmas, and the impeding possibility of presents and Father Christmas, or the crazy amount of sweets, I have no idea, but suddenly they are ten times worse than before Halloween. 8. A Time for giving! Charities congregate to plead for your support. Whether I just notice it more around this time of year or if traditionally we are expected to donate more during this bright sparkly holiday, the fundraisers and bucket collectors are everywhere! 9. TV is like a pendulum…It either is amazing with lots of fun or absolute garbage. 10. People are bipolar. Either they are happy and excited with full of cheer or they are stressed and angry and want to throw their shopping at you.

So these are my ten ways to tell that Christmas is on its way. Don’t get me wrong, I subscribe to the commercial side of it as much as the next gal, but these are the byproducts of that one day of cheer and sharing.

Whether you celebrate or not, Merry Christmas!

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