Never thought I’d say this…I’m happy

I’ve been through some very dark times in my life. I sometimes find myself fighting those shadows that try to creep back in. Learning to be a positive person was the hardest but the most rewarding challenge I think I’ve ever faced!

I count myself as lucky. I’m alive..i have a beautiful family around me who truly care about me. I have two wonderful dogs who one guided faithfully and the other is following in his paw prints. My friends are absolutely most amazing souls I could ever have the privilege to know and it feels like finally…I’m home.

I adore my job! It’s fun, challenging and I’m surrounded by such amazing people day in and day out. It doesn’t feel like they see me as the blind girl where in life that has happened so frequently. I’m Marie…the crazy loud one who has a dog called Bertie who incidentally is a guide dog.

I don’t feel for the first time in a very long time, like they feel obliged to look after me in the humanistic sense of the word. “oh, she’s blind, we must make sure she’s OK.”. they’re genuinely wanting to watch my back because they’re cool people!

Earlier this year was definitely what led to my feeling better about myself. Through a good friend I discovered a wonderful place called Inner Light Academy that offers holistic therapies. I started having massages, and went to a therapy fair they hosted then found myself going more and more. I did my Reiki training Level 1 back in May and my level 2 in August.

at work, at Inner Light, I feel people accept me for me and nothing more or nothing less. That’s something I’ve craved for a long time from a group of people. Only a handful of people currently in my life before this year I knew felt that way and they’re just awesome for maintaining the support and belief in me.

I’m grateful that life is moving in a better direction but I partially feel responsible for that positive shift. And for that…I’m proud!



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  1. What an amazing blog! You should be very proud of yourself, your one of the most positive people I know and that rubs off on to the rest of us when your in work. You are so inspiring in many different ways, you do such a good job that you make us want to do better ourselves. I’m really happy work has given me the opportunity to meet you and Bertie, keep being you x

  2. Marie this is beautiful!

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