Wow! and Blessed Samhain

So my last post was a huge self degrading one to say the least. Thankfully for you all, I bring happier tidings.

So first of all…its Samhain which is significant to me as I’m exploring the Pagan beliefs system at the minute. So far, it’s fitting in well with my life and beliefs. I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t try and force square pegs into circular holes, and that’s where, in my opinion, many people go wrong with their religious or life beliefs.

I’ve been drawn to Paganism for a long time. I’ve always been quite scared to explore the path as so many are super prejudice of it still. But this year, I decided to explore in depth and see what happened. At this point, I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time.

So it is the end of October and well over seven weeks, almost two months since my last miserable post. And a lot has happened.

So the interview that I was so sure I’d failed, I actually got offered the job. I started training on the first of October and have been in the job for a month now. I absolutely love it and I’m super blessed that I’ve been given this opportunity.

I’ve had wobbles…b but that’s so natural but generally I’m feeling happier and more confident.

Bertie has taken it all in his stride and is bored to tears on our days off.

Finally, it feels good to do a job and actually get paid to do it! Life is continuing to change and so am I. I’m embracing it and I hope I can continue to grow as a person!

Bailey is doing well and yesterday he even was very playful with me. It is so nice to see those moments of happiness with him. I miss him when I’m not at home but know he’s well taken care of by mum.

We’re having a mild end to October and I hope the chilly weather arrives soon so I can wrap up. Although the pup shivers so I hope he can wear something to help keep him warm on those cold mornings. I need to speak to his instructor about it.

Well, started Christmas shopping this week. Got my nephews main presents and hoping to get some more done in the next few weeks.

Bonfire night next week to so lots of fireworks about which is scary when walking home at night.

We also have new neighbours who are actually nice and quiet!

Off out to a fashion show tonight at Inner Light academy so hoping that’s fun then I’m in work all weekend.

Anyway, think that’s all for now,

hugs MJ

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