Bring Outlander Home

With less than two weeks until the premier of the Outlander series derived from the series of book of the same name by Dianna Gabbledon, I find it absolutely mind blowing that the country from which most of the acting talent was sourced and the entire show filmed has not got a broadcast channel, let alone an air date.

As a fan of the book series, of course I want to see it on UK screens but whilst its showcasing UK acting talent and probably crew as well as highlighting the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, I cannot comprehend why channels like the BBc, channel four or five haven’t picked this series up. And even if they couldn’t afford the premier charges that I’m sure the US Cable company Stars, that runs the series, charges, then surely wealthier channels like Sky’s atlantic which would personally be a perfect channel for this show, don’t buy it.

We have a great chance to celebrate our wonderful country and talented individuals and yet again, we’re choosing not to. Sony pictures are the international distributer, and I’m just in such shock that UK fans are being denied the same joyous beginning to the series of Outlander as other countries like the US, Canada and Australia.

Come on Sky, take a chance, this will be a hit! Just look at the book sales.

Fingers crossed it comes to a screen near every outlander fan sooner rather than later.

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