Wowser what a trip

Wow! What an amazing few days I’ve had. I’ve worked super hard, been super good and mum has been very proud of me!

Thursday, lord bailey, [he’s my big bro] went for a free run before the weather got too hot for doggies. Then…I took mum to the hairdressers, they did something to her hair, then to Asda and watched her pack things in a bag for both her and me.

friday morning, I double checked teddy was in the bag and my noms to and I was up at 5:40. We was at the local tram stop at 6:45 and heading into Manchester.

Mum was a bit worried we wouldn’t make it to the station in time so when we got off the tram, she said I had to put my speed on. So I did.

We made our labborghini way down to the big train station, I kept mum very safe and found all the posts for her. We made it in record time and was early to the assistance people who help me to help mum find her seat.

On one train, then on another and we went North of the English borders and headed toward Edinburgh, which is in Scotland.

I worked with mum to the youth hostel, then we headed to a bus garage and taught sighted people how difficult it was for people like mum to use the bus. I had to have my picture taken and with a big furry thing to. The guy with a camera kept telling mum to make me sit up and she asked me to once then told the guy that I was hot and tired and she wasn’t going to again. So he said that was fine.

When I get this picture, I will show you how cute I am. Even had my head on mum’s knee.

Once we’d showed people how to help people like mum we headed back to the place we were staying and got into our rooms. i was allowed to play for a bit, then back on my harness.

We went on a tram to and mum said they were OK but not loud enough for her.

After I had dinner, I took mum back down to the meeting room and we had dinner in there and everyone sang happy birthdays to mum because it was her birthday.

I went for a pee then we went off to bed.

Yesterday we had a meeting with everyone in our little group and headed back to the train station. Mum trusted me all the way to guide her and I did so super well.

3 and a half hours on the train, I slept for most of it, then out of the station back in Manchester, in the rain, I guided mum back to the tram stop, passing lots of people. It was hard work but got mum to the tram, she was very proud and grandad picked us up at the other end.

I slept super well last night and teddy came home to. We are off to the pub soon but mum says we’re going in a taxi so I don’t have to work much today. huzzah!

But was fun being with mum and met another guide dog on Friday. He was cool beans.

So as you can see, I’m now a cross the border kind of dog and mum says we’ll be going to edinburgh again. Good, I like it there.

Labborghini licks and wags

Bertie Bassit Pops

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