Thank Dog, Got a Day off!


I’m suprirsed I have any energies to even write a dlog today. I went on a big trip with mum this weekend. She and I got a taxi on Saturday morning to the train station and I took mum to Starbucks. Originally, she wasn’t listening to me and tried to get me to go past Starbucks but I kept telling her it was the right one. Another human backed me up and she got a coffee before we went on a train.

It was the longest train i’ve ever been on!

When we got off, we got another taxi to a big building with lots of other people like mummy with poorly eyes which meant lots of doggies to!

Lots of meetings and sessions where I got to lie under mum’s chair. But this is very hard as I have to be so good!

I was on pawfect behaviour and mummy says she’s very proud of me.

I was a superstar because that is who I am mummy! heeehee.

Anyway, we stayed at this place and more sessions the next day and then we travelled home. I have been given the day off although mummy says we may go to the guide dog meeting tonight. That’s not far though so I’ll permit that. I can show off to everyone how clever I am there to!

Wags and Labborghini licks,

Bertie Bassit Pops

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