Hopefully first of many

When I booked the two hour ride, two weeks ago, I had no idea what the weather would be like. Up until Monday this week, it had forecast heavy rain for Wednesday but we were actually blessed with beautiful sunshine and blue skies.

I arrived, brushed and tacked up Shadow, who I was going to ride. I rode out with my usual Ride Leader and another lady I haven’t ridden with before.

We set off through the estate and were going to do the quarry ride which is the ride you may remember we did in the storm back in February. The contrast with weather yesterday was light and dark. Thankfully yesterday was the light element.

Lots of nice forward walking, trotting and once we got up by the babbling stream, where we canter up a hill that turns to the left halfway up, my excitement grew. I just knew yesterday’s ride was going to be awesome!

I was told to hold mr Shadow back for a few while Bella got herself up the hill and once I let him go, he flew up and I just love how I just keep in my balance, even when turning on a corner I’m not so sure about when it’s coming.

It was beautifully peaceful. Birds tweeting, the breeze rustling the trees, the scents from flowers and such fragranting the air. I can just imagine how blue the sky must have looked up there.

The chatting was fun and once we got onto the main stretch where we can canter a lot; off we went.

We did quite a few stints of lengthy fast canters. Just flying along, the sun beaming down, the horses pounding along the moorland was pure paradise.

I cannot begin to express how free I feel riding on a horse’s back over the countryside at decent speeds. I’m just so thankful to have those amazing creatures in my life. I honestly don’t believe words can express my feelings of amazement as I’m riding in harmony on one of my favourite four legged friends, just going and going and feeling at one with that animal. It is purely beautiful!

Like I said, we had the most canters on that ride I’ve ever had on a two hour I think. The ground was pretty good as it has been dry and had rained a slight bit on Tuesday night so wasn’t too dry. It was cool enough so the horses would canter happily but not too cold for us riders to not enjoy the sunshine.

Back down the hill and I just felt sad to be leaving that peaceful place. My only dislike of this ride is the amount of road work that is necessary to get to the quarry. Worth it but problematic for me with parked cars everywhere. lol.

Once back at the yard, after 2 hours of complete relaxation and joy, we washed off the horses who had worked up a sweat and left them to munch happily. Super day and excited for more like it!



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