What A Week!

I asked mum in the middle of this week if she could text my old GdMI mum and ask her to check my working contract. Here’s what mum had me doing this week. and before I tell you, no extra noms, no extra park time, and just a few extra cuddles.

So Monday we were up and out and did a talk at a primary school with lots of the little humans. I’m sorry, we did two talks. Super hard to lie there looking amazingly cute for so long!

Then we had a few things to do like pick up mum’s prescription and other things.

Tuesday I was up at the crack of dawn. In fact, I think I was up before the birdies and we got a taxi and then a train to this place where we stayed all day.

Then we met other doggie friends and eventually we got the train home, changed trains, then got the tram and she made me take her to the chipshop. I had my breakfast an hour and a half early and my dinner nearly two hours late!

Wednesday we popped to the coffee shop and she had lunch and I thought I was getting an easy day. No! The slave driver made me take her to a class after dinner and we didn’t get home until after 10 PM.

Thursday I had to work at the library with mum and Friday we went for a walk after someone from Guide Dogs visited me and told me I was a beautiful boy. Of course I am.

Today we finally got a free run. And I’m hoping she forgets I’m a guide dog tomorrow and can have the day off. Sadly friends, mummy is not that forgetful.

Someone call the union! I’m over worked and underpaid.

Labborghini licks and wags,

Bertie Basit Pops

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