A New Journey with Reiki

I started on this journey a year or so ago and only recently have realised this.

I was tired of feeling negative and unhappy and actively tried to feel better about myself, my life and what is going on around me. We cannot control the world around us and often it is how we react to an issue that makes things better or worse. So I was actively trying to react positively wherever a bad situation arose.

Earlier this year, a very good friend of mine was telling me about the place she considers her sanctuary and all the things she was involved with there.

I trained as a holistic massage therapist five years ago and I really enjoyed what complementary therapies I was exposed to. Sadly, due to several reasons, I’ve not pursued it to my own regret.

So when I qualified with my pup in february I decided to get a massage. My friend did the intros and I had a hot stones massage and loved it. Not only was the massage amazing but I really liked the place and people.

They were holding a exhibition fair locally and I went along and had a holistic facial and bought a few bits and had a sample Reiki session.

I didn’t understand anything about it but knew it had helped my friend a lot through her doing her level 1 and 2 training in it so thought I would give it a go.

I lay on the massage table and the lady doing it asked if she could put her hands on my head and shoulder. I agreed, not having any issue with that as I had been massaged to the skin before.

I didn’t feel anything at first, except a very relaxed feeling. Then my arms began to vibrate. I’d not read anything about Reiki and knew only that it was a healing therapy through energy.

She talked very little and I felt positive currents of energy through my limbs and my back kept arching.

When I got off the table, I felt so emotional and went straight to my friend and hugged her.

Two weeks ago, after some further treatments and a few chats, I booked in for a reiki session at the therapy centre.

I still hadn’t read anything as I didn’t want to be putting ideas into my head and thus performing the self fulfilling prophesy on my self.

I lay on the massage table, Bertie was off in the corner where I usually leave him during a treatment and where he usually stays without question.

The therapist put a rose and a clear quartz in each hand and I held them in my fist. She said she would call her guides and if I wanted anyone from spirit with me, to call them. As soon as she said this, Bertie began to cry. If you don’t believe in spirits or guides or anything, you’re probably not going to believe what I say and that’s OK. But I am only telling you what happened to me and how I am interpreting it.

He got up and started pacing which is very unlike him. If I’d never had a treatment with him present, I wouldn’t have been so surprised.

My arms started to move in almost like a dance. I didn’t even know people moved during Reiki before experiencing this.

I saw colours through what they call your third eye. Of course, I saw colours before losing my sight but they were there that day.

I was definitely conscious of everything but it was like my body was independent of my brain.

My arms would move up, around, and my hands were open with the stones often balancing in my palms.

My back began to arch. During one particular moment, my back was arched, legs were in the air and my shoulders were off the bed. I’m not even sure I could replicate that position now.

The stones crossed my eyes, around my throat and although the stones were hot, my throat felt cold once the stones moved away.

I saw visions of a forest changing through a day cycle. A waterfall, the ocean, and it was just so amazing.

At one point I was balanced on my side on the edge of the bed. I was never scared during this and just felt so at peace and accepting.

You may think this sounds like some kind of mumbo-jumbo and I don’t expect everyone who reads this to believe or accept what happened to me to be true, but why would I lie? I’m not selling anything, I’m not in the habit of converting people if they don’t want to know more. I’m writing this to share my experience and to thank whoever is responsible for all of this, whoever they are, and to maybe enlighten people who are interested.

I knew I wanted to do my level one training and actually had my first session last night.

Level one is about self healing. We talked about where Reiki comes from, what it means and basic principles.

Reiki was founded by a Japanese christian man named Mikao Usui in the late 19TH century. He had gone to the top of a mountain to discover the answer to a question of how Jesus performed his miracles and he took 21 stones with him to mark off the days. He fasted and on each day threw a stone away but on the last night he felt dismayed he had not discovered the answers to his questions during his meditation and threw the last stone away anyway. A light appeared in the distance and came toward him. He remained where he was, having the faith it was meant for him and the light went straight through what we call the third eye.

He felt happy and healed and when descended the mountain the next day, he stubbed his toe and put his hands on it and the pain vanished.

He went onto develop the system of reiki. It’s the belief that we all have life energy and when at full force we are happier and healthy but when it is diminished we will ail and be unhappy.

Before I tell you about reiki in more detail, let me tell you that whatever you believe about this story of the founder, or what you believe Reiki is about, it’s about the changes to the people who do or receive reiki that is important. One of my closest friends is happier and healthier because of her reiki. I don’t know if Reiki can perform miracles but what is a miracle? To me, it’s objective. If it makes a severely depressed person feel better, isn’t that all that counts?

The twenty one stones is used in Reiki. When we, as trainees do our level 1, we perform 21 days of self healing. This promotes well being and well balanced self both physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Reiki, although not a religion or associated with a religion upholds a lot of religious beliefs as part of its ideologies.

  1. Just for today, I will not be angry.

This principle focuses on letting go of anger. Anger blocks up our bodies with junk. Imagine the toxins we take in through food or drink and we sometimes detox to make our bodies feel better, reiki is similar. The emotional baggage of anger will leave its own toxins behind. Reiki’s energies help to unblock those blockages but as reiki practitioners, we are encouraged to take on board this principle to help us rid ourselves of anger and the negativity that it brings with it.

  1. Just for today I will not worry.

Similarly to anger, worry can create negativity in our bodies and thus causing us blockages. Anger deals with the past and present whilst worry deals with our futures. Often we cannot change what will be and so we are encouraged to let go of worry.

  1. Just for today I will be grateful.

For every little thing from food to water to the bigger things in our lives, family, friends, home, job, to be grateful and thank the higher powers, whoever that may be to you, for all we have.

  1. Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Living a wholesome life to promote self worth and give the harmony of living honestly within the karma of the world around you. be good to others and honest about your dealings and you will be rewarded in return.

  1. Just for today, be kind to every living thing.

Your friends, your family, your neighbour, your coworker, animals around you, be kind and receive kindness in return. it helps promote joy inside and focuses on the love the makes reiki work from within.

I know personally, i’ve been trying to do these five things a lot more in the past year or so even before I got involved with therapies again. And even just living by these principles, i’ve felt better in myself.

In my next post, I will talk more about my first session of reiki training and the benefits of Reiki both for the self and for others.

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