Wagtastic Weekend

Hi friends,

Mum and me have had a crazy fun weekend. I’ve been super clever for her and been told I’m a good guide dog lots.

Saturday we went to the cool relaxing place where I like to sleep. The smells are sleepifying but something strange was happening so I had to investigate it on Saturday. I was OK after a while as long as I could lie near mum.

Then yesterday we went to a new place and I was so brave and clever and helped mum find the way. Mum says she’s super proud of me.

And today we went to a big place with lots of people who were throwing pennies into our buckets. we were dungraising for Guide Dogs. And it was sunny so I was sunbathing whilst looking cute.

Last Wednesday, we saw my GDMI mum who is working with us on a route to the train station but I wasn’t allowed on a train. But gots to go on one yesterday so I was super excited.

Mum bought me and bro bunnies for Easter but not chocolate ones as chocolate is bad for us doggies. They squeak and mum says my friend has one to.

Not sure what fun and wagtastic things we’re doing this week but it’s naptime for this little Bertie. I’ve worked my paws off.


Bertie Bassit Pops

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