Epic Easter Weekend

Bertie and I have had a crazy but fabulous weekend. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I felt the past few days and very lucky indeed.

friday was our quietest day and I and the pup were so bored. we did a route but honestly had nothing to do.

Saturday, I had a reiki treatment and worked him a few times before hand.

I haven’t had a full reiki before and it was fascinating. I don’t want to say too much as I don’t fully understand it all yet and want to understand why things happened that did but lots of activity.

The most curious thing was that Bertie often lays down and relaxes when I’m having treatment and was lay as normal by the door quietly and once the therapist asked for her and my guardians to enter the room he began whimpering and then started moving. I wasn’t going to put him back as I knew something was happening and he could clearly sense it.

after a while he settled nicely and was happy enough. Think he even got some reiki to as he slept a lot when we got home. It was the most amazing experience of my therapy life.

Saturday night we relaxed and then I went for a ride yesterday morning. I almost didn’t but am so glad I did! It was a fab ride. Will blog across at Ride with No Eyes shortly.

Then I came home, had a shower, got ready and went to the tram stop. It was blustery and I we don’t normally get the tram from that platform, we usually get off on that platform. I didn’t realise the tram was in because it was so windy and Bertie just took me right onto the tram through the door. I was like wow!

Had an interesting conversation with a guy who opened with, “do you really need that guide dog or are you training it?” I said I absolutely needed him and was a little curious why he posed that question. I mustn’t have looked particularly blind to him. I promise you all, I see nothing at all.

Once off the tram at our stop, I called a friend who I was meeting to ask where the train station was. She said there was a crossing to cross the road. I wasn’t sure which way she meant but a lady said we had to cross the tram lines and the crossing was over that way.

I asked Bertie forward and off he went and straight to the crossing. I crossed and he went straight to the other crossing. I was like wow, think we’re going in the right direction but I wasn’t sure.

We crossed and walked down the street, I had my navigation app out and it said we were on the street where the station is and so I knew the entrance was nearby.

I asked someone as I turned around and we’d just gone past it when we crossed the road.

Once we got into the station, that I’ve been to but he has not, he went straight to the steps without my prompting him and up the steps and straight to the ticket office. My clever boy did so very well.

we met my friends and got on the train to go to their house and with direction from my friend, he worked so well to their house. My dog was a super star.

He played a bit with my friend’s dog. He lay while we ate and was as good as gold in the pub later.

And today, as if all that wasn’t enough, we did a long walk….excuse me…power walk this morning then went to fundraise at our local football club. And he behaved pretty amazingly there to. i’m so lucky!

So for both of us, it’s been a pretty fab weekend and by all accounts, Bailey pup has had a fab weekend to going on walks with my mum. šŸ™‚

Hope you all had a great easter and enjoy the rest of your weeks.



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