Easter Sunday

I wasn’t going to ride yesterday morning, it was windy and not very nice but I forced my bum to the yard and so glad I did.

I had a choice between Harry or Bella and had wanted Bella anyway so once on, felt good. I was just going to enjoy the Easter ride.

She was forward and we even got a stride of canter on the field. That actually made my day!

Some amazing trotting on her and I just felt so comfortable and happy.

Then down the back hill and I was just happy to get what I got.

As we turned and headed up, I rose into my forward seat, kept my hands light and used my legs with a shout of “canter” by my ride leader and off we flew. Yes, me and Miss Bella flew up the hill in a lovely forward canter.

I gave out a huge, “whoohoo!” and kept going!

To say I was super pleased is an under statement.

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend with their horses.


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