Perfect Spring Day For A Perfect Ride

I had a good, no, a great 30 minute ride on Sunday and had promptly booked in for an hour this morning. I was super pleased I was fit in as I know how busy the Easter holidays can get.

So when I woke up this morning, and the sun was shining brightly, I was really excited to get out on horse back.

I arrived to find Mr Shadow being brushed for me, and once I mounted, and my hacking lead rider was up and on, we left amidst the sunny skies up the farm hill.

Shadow felt amazing this morning and our first canter across the field was just simply wonderful. If you ride, I do not need to explain what an incredible feeling it is to canter across a sun drenched field on a horse you simply adore. If you don t ride, it s an amazing feeling of freedom and honour to be riding such a fab creature on such a beautiful day!

A few fabulous trots and then we went on the extended part of the hack if you go on an hour hack which runs through the farm. We passed sheep and lambs, other horses in fields and the tweet of the birds and the smells of spring just made me feel so alive this morning.

Every time I asked Shadow to do something, he did it. We enjoyed some lovely canters, flying along whilst the breeze rustled through the trees and the insects were going about their business; all under the blue sunny skies.

I could smell blossoms on the trees, freshly cut grass, hay, and other farm animal smells, most pleasant but some not so much and it was a sensory overload of amazing.

we even encountered a nice bus driver when trotting through the estate that slowed down for us to pass. It seemed the whole world was happy this morning.

Back to the yard and lots of kisses for Mr Shadow. He actually gave me a full on face kiss before our ride which was funny.

Then before leaving, I was asked to hold Bella who gave me some lovely cuddles and kisses. I helped the rider get her stirrups sorted and then off I went home, feeling like I’d had the best ride. I’ve been smiling all day!

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