Back In To The Groove

So I haven’t been riding consistently for a while now. I’ve done a few rides and a lesson but nothing solid. That is changing though.

My first lesson, that I had a few weeks ago was pretty awesome. Considering I hadn’t been in the school for three months, I was happily working there as though I’d not been away. If anything, I did better on that lesson with a gap than i’ve done when I’ve had regular lessons.

That lesson was on Shadow and he was a superstar. we were working on circles to try and get me pushing the horse further into the corners and it was working pretty good.

Today, I had a thirty minute hack and it was superb. The other rider was only walking and trotting but I cantered twice on the field and up the hill to. Shadow felt amazing and I was super glad to be out on that gorgeous horse today.

His canter up the hill was fluid and a decent speed. loved it!

Booked an hour for Tuesday and once the kids are back at school, time for my lessons again.



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  1. So glad you are getting back into the saddle more and enjoying it! 🙂

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