So Thankful

I got on the macbook to work on my website but as the case usually is, I got distracted by twitter. Mainly it was the distraction of the new guide dogs, sponsor a puppy adverts they’re running in the UK. There are two from what I can tell. One I’ve seen on the TV but the second I only saw through twitter this morning.

The one from twitter is probably my favourite. It features an Insight Radio presenter, Jill Daley with her guide dog Lucas. It is probably my favourite because it closely represents to me what having a guide dog means. My story is obviously different but the basics are the same.

A dog gives me the confidence to go out and do things and I’m so grateful to everyone within the organisation from the sponsors, to the puppy walkers, to the trainers, fundraisers, kennel staff, health experts that make my life as it is possible. Sure, others may argue you can get along just fine with a cane but trust me, I tried it and I definitely prefer the dog.

I often don’t think, even some of the volunteers realise how much a difference they make. From those who dedicate their time to raising puppies in their early lives to those who board them during advanced training; what you guys do is just simply amazing. Words cannot express the level of gratitude I have to everyone involved with working with me and my dogs.

I honestly cannot imagine my life if I’d never applied for a guide dog.

So please take a minute to watch these sponsor a puppy videos on youtube or your TVs. And if you can, please consider sponsoring a guide dog puppy. They really do change lives.

Or if not, why not consider volunteering for Guide Dogs UK. You can spare time to fundraise or if in a position to puppy walk or keep a brood bitch or stud dog. There are plenty of opportunities for volunteer roles. Volunteer for Guide Dogs

I’ve travelled all over the UK with a four legged pal by my side and have started volunteering for several different roles because I feel I can with the added ability of a dog to guide me. If my story is not enough, check out Jill and Lucas’s story or see the story of Jazz the puppy who made a lady be the mum she wanted to be. Jazz’s story This last one is being currently shown on TV in the UK.

Without donations Guide Dogs would not exist for blind and partially sighted people to get around. We receive no government funding and rely on kind donations and volunteers to make the association provide these amazing dogs to us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I’m personally fundraising myself by giving up cakes, chocolate, sweets, crisps and biscuits for Lent on the “give it up for Guide Dogs” campaign. If you would like to sponsor me, please visit my just giving page or alternatively in the UK, Text bbgd83 to 70070 to donate £1.

I appreciate any donations and lets try and raise money for Guide Dogs.



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