Some Days Are Just Wonderful

Nothing special happened today but it was simply just fabulous!

I didn’t think it would be after getting to bed so late last night after dealing with technical problems but this morning overslept and was convinced my day would be a total wash out.

True, not much work got done but in all honesty, what I got from today was much better. I decided to go for a long-ish walk with young bertie as he’s feeling much better after his anal gland infection and his speed is back.

The route I took today means on certain sections he can really step out and I love it as i’m able to effectively power walk almost with him. His guiding today was excellent and I really was like, wow, you are growing into a pretty fab guide dog. Sure, he still has his moments and who knows, tomorrow, he may just remind me he’s only 22 months old and do something very juvenile.

Even today when we saw dogs and he started crying or he was distracted by the evil pigeons, I felt happy enough to correct him and move on quickly.

We came home, had some play time, I ate lunch and then went for an Indian head massage at the fabulous local holistic therapies centre. I love that place, it’s so relaxing and welcoming. even chilled out for a time after my treatment.

bertie behaved so well in there. Just lay down and went to sleep. His social skills are impeccable and I’m so grateful to his puppy walker for instilling such good manners into my boy.

We came home and had some crazy raucous playtime and even Bailey got involved. it was a lot of fun.

The time I get to play with my dogs is the most precious. i feel I can give them something back after they’ve kept me safe all day.

So nothing super special happened really but in one way lots of special things happened. It’s how you look at life. I’m very blessed at the moment and I’m thankful for everything right now.

Just wanted to share our day with you.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week,



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