A poem: Hand In Paw

I thought I would share with you this poem I just wrote for Bertie. Hope you all enjoy it.


Hand In Paw

Hand In Paw

Tentative steps, as we walk down our street, Learning to trust you, Is a huge leap for me, New and a baby, So young as you are, I’m meant to follow you, To lead me afar.

Avoid all the obstructions, Turn around the bend, You’re learning to trust me to, And confidence I can lend, I know the ways to go, You’re just setting out, But I know we will get through this, You’ll be great…I have no doubt.

Slowly we’re building, A friendship so very true, You’re listening to my commands instantly, And I’m learning to listen to you.

Bond between you and me, Is fragile at this early stage, Gently holding hand in paw, Travelling new paths… don’t be afraid!

The world is a scary place, That I do know, A pup can get confused, And sometimes I don’t know The answers you are seeking, But during those moments of mud, We’ll reassure one another, You’re my little Bertie Bud.

On trains and buses, Through precincts and malls, Across busy streets, In the park I will call Your name to return to me, Happy with your toy, You’re a very brave laddy, A sweet and clever boy!

Praises for the choices Daily you must make, And during this new journey, Each step we will take Together in faith of each other, And while we are still so new, You try your best to trust me, As I will do my best to trust you.

Busy crowds and clutter, We wend our way through this path Of new adventures and questions, ups, downs with many laughs, And with each paw you put forward, And each step I gain, We perpetuate the laws of love, Between dog and human once again.

So I make you this promise, I’ll do the best that I can, And keep you safe and happy, And if you need a paw, I’ll lend a hand.

Still so early on our path, But one thing I know is true, You’re a brilliant little guide dog Bertie Pops, And my heart fills with love for you.

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