Major first Excursion

Today was the day, for me, at least which would be telling on mine and Bertie’s partnership so far.

I took the tram into Manchester with him, sun shining and we headed to the Arndale which is our big shopping mall in the city. I’d not done this route without my instructor until today. But on some advice from a fellow GDO, I took my time and kept very calm.

He was doing very well, then did some weaving moving that I was like OK, weird but then he sat and did a tiny pooh. He probably hadn’t quite finished off the morning one so I was just like, fine, lets see how he does now. I bagged it and off we went again. From that point on, he was paw perfect.

We went to the Apple store, the body shop which are both on different levels and in very different locations. bertie checked that I was sure I didn’t want Starbucks in the mall, and outside the entrance he was like, you sure we’re done mum?

But we headed back down market street and he slowed when it was busy, did some beautiful crowd work and arrived at the post that I had asked we indicate so I know it’s safe to cross the tram lines and we’ll be in direct line to the steps.

We went to Starbucks and then headed for the tram. He was a little superstar. I was more than pleased with him today.

He came home, I had lunch and then off we went to Asda and he worked lovely there to. My cute little doggie is hopefully transforming into a well rounded guide dog. I really hope so. on the great days he is a dream to work. 🙂



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