Big steps For This Little Labrador

Today was the very first time mum and I went shopping together in the big place on our own without my old guide dog training mum.

I was so excited to actually be allowed to go down the busy street as mum hasn’t let me when old mum wasn’t there.

I took charge and off we went. I did have to go pooh but mum didn’t shout as it was a little one and unexpected. I was sorry but she worked me on without a scolding.

We headed into the big place with all the doors and people and smells. Oh the smells are wagtastic.

i took her to one of her favourite shops and she bought something then we left and I wanted to take her to the place with nice smells and the chairs and tables but she said not Today and off we went.

We went into the sweet smelly shop that keeps the humans clean and everyone said I was so good.

Off we went outside and headed to the post near the moving things on the track that takes us places. But mummy wanted her Starbucks so we headed there and then back to the platform. Mum said I was super good and I had lots of play when I got home.

Phew, paws up time for this little labby.


The Little Scoundral

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